5 thoughts on “Interstate 15/State Route 79 South Ultimate Interchange”

  1. For those traveling west bound SR 79 to North bound I-15 the existing configuration features a dedicated right-turn and an option through-right turn. This lane configuration operates as dual-right turn lanes.

    When the project is complete, west bound SR 79 to north bound I-15 will still feature a dedicated right-turn and an option through-right turn. The difference, after project completion the two lanes will be separated by a raised median to provide a pedestrian refuge. This design feature is necessary for pedestrians to safely cross the north bound on-ramp by allowing them to cross one active lane of traffic at a time (each of the two right turns individually), instead of having to cross against two lanes of free flowing right turns.

    This feature may potentially cause additional delay for vehicular traffic when pedestrians are present, its purpose is to provide for the safety those crossing the on-ramp on foot or via wheelchair.


  2. As you have experienced, the current exit, which incorporates a dual left turn for south bound I-15 to east bound SR 79, backs up onto the freeway. The cause of the backup is the single lane exit and that the left turn lanes must compete for movement through the intersection with the other 2 phases of the traffic signal. The right turn is restricted in the same manner.

    When the project is complete, the 2-lane exit will accommodate more traffic storage and the movement to east bound SR 79 will not be restricted by any of the signal phasing at the intersection. Although there will be a single right turn lane, more vehicles will move through this free-movement than can move through the current dual left turn lanes which are subject to traffic signal restrictions.

    The lane at the intersection directly adjacent to the free right turn lane cannot be made into 2nd free Right turn lane since free movements must land in a dedicated lane (ie one that is not subject to simultaneous entry by another movement). However, you can make a right turn from this lane on a green light, or on red light after coming to a stop and yielding to any other movements.


  3. Why is the 15 south the 79 east going from two lanes currently to only 1 lane? And why so many lanes to dump onto Front St? Almost no one goes that way. Maybe 5% of the total traffic.


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