1. How can you reduce the northbound on-ramp to I-15 N one lane? As it is the 2 lane, make-shift entrance is backed up even during non-peak hours? I do understand Pechanga funded half of this but to be frank, once their patrons experience exiting the casino they will indeed to reconsider returning. Word will spread to not bother going to Pechanga b/c of this very flaw. Please I implore that major oversight be revisited by all members involved so that they can come to their common and business sense. Otherwise you will have very disgruntled patrons/employees/residents/businesses and all your financial restructuring efforts will be wasted. Spare the expenses. Now is the time to make amendments. Happy patrons, and pleased residents will make businesses thrive. Please, I along with many other concerned community members implore you to revisit the Nortbound entrance onto 15N. After all you may be one of those stuck in northbound traffic beyond Rancho Community Way.


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